Evolving Physiques: Evolving physiques is a competitive training class. These classes are meant to prepare members to present their best body on stage at the NPC Bikini competitions. Classes are taught by Jesica Abraguin, the founder of Happy thoughts fitness. In the past, Jesica has brought more than 18 women to regional competitors. This class is about taking your fitness to the next level, being prepared for a challenge, and being ready to change your life. Members are encouraged and supported every step of the way leading to the competition.

  • Training 5x a week
  • Meal Plan
  • Posing critques
  • Body fat and weight measurements
  • Before and After photos
  • Gym access

Life Balance: Life Balance gives new members access to basic fitness classes such as Zumba, Bootcamp, and Core and Abs. Members who want to take their workout outside the classes are welcome to add general gym admission for $25. Members who participate in the fitness classes are sure to be challenged by their coaches in every aspect. Helping new members change to turn their life around using fitness as a means to improve both mentally and physically.

  • Package 1: Boot camp,Core and abs, Booty werk
  • Package 2: Boot camp, Core and abs, Booty werk, Strong Zumba, Zumba
  • Package 3: Strong Zumba and Zumba

*Unlimited gym access $25 add on

Dynamic Evolution: Dynamic evolution is catered for teen and youth members interested in starting their fitness journey. Though fitness can be practiced by anyone, safety and proper form must be taught. The beauty of the fitness industry is that you can challenge yourself each day by coming up with new goals and ways to reach your best body, no matter your age. Here at Happy Thoughts fitness, we believe that form is the most important thing as well as truly understanding fitness fundamentals to avoid injury. Our gym is meant to be a happy place to focus on bettering yourself, free of injury!

  • Teen Boot camp
  • Youth Boot camp
  • Personal training
  • Strength and conditioning