Linda Resendiz

I had come to a point in my life where I was just tired of being tired! Since I can remember, I have always been overweight. I was always told “Being big runs in the family.”, “You were born chubby.”, “Don’t try to change what’s already in you.” It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 when I had decided that enough was enough! I was topping the scale at 263 pounds, fitting into a very tight size 20, sick and super miserable.

I had to do something in order to feel good about myself and to get my health under control; diabetes and hypertension run in my family and I was already having issues with high blood sugar and high blood pressure. I did not want to tie myself down with taking medications for the rest of my life. I started doing light cardio during my lunch hour with a group of coworkers and cut down on eating out every day. By the time the summer of 2014 hit, I was already down 30 lbs.

I lost a total of 42 pounds with those challenges andhave kept going since. To this date, I have lost a total of 66 lbs. and fit into a size 12. I’ve had my ups and downs along my journey, but one thing for sure is I have not given up. I’m still a work in progress and continue chipping away at my body. I have done many “firsts” along the way: completed numerous obstacle course races, half-marathons and, OMG, even got certified to teach Strong by Zumba! Never did I ever imagine I would be considered an athlete, even more so, a certified fitness instructor.

I’m happy to be part of the Happy Thoughts Fitness Team! This has been a life changing experience for me. The best part is being able to share my experience, motivate others to reach their goals and assure them that with hard work and patience, anything is attainable in life; personal and professional!

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