Ashley Cortes

My HT Fitness Journey started back in Summer of 2015 when Jes had just opened her doors. As a past athlete and dancer I had always kept active and joined local gyms, however, this time I needed more motivation and accountability. My wedding was quickly approaching in 3 months, and I was determined to get in the best shape I could. Remembering Jes from high school I knew how tenacious and driven she was which is just what I needed. Every week it was bootcamp classes, Zumba, and small group training. Jes also got me on track with my nutrition and checked in with me weekly on my progress which helped keep me extremely accountable for those three months. In that short period of time, I lost around 17 pounds and was the healthiest I had been since high school. While it was a lifestyle change and high level of commitment, it helped set the foundation for me to maintain my healthy habits for years to come.I continued on my HT Fitness journey after my wedding and even completed a mud run and Spartan race during that time which is something I never would have done if not for Jes and the HT family. While my fitness journey continued, so did my life journey and I became pregnant with my first child. Because of my healthy lifestyle and activeness, I only gained 24 pounds during my pregnancy and was able to quickly bounce back into working out after my baby girl was born. Being a part of the HT family has been so much more than a place to work out, it has been a place I have created lifelong friendships. Everyone supports each other reach their goals and that’s a connection you can’t find everywhere. Jes and the members of HT Fitness are a family, and it has been rewarding to be a part of this family for the past 7 years. Cheers Jes! Congratulations on all your success!

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