Mary Chaplin

Physical activity has always been a constant  in my life. I was running the 100 yard dash with the YMCA at nine years old. I have always worked out in some capacity. In 2015, I was doing my own physical exercise and daily routine at Antelope Valley College’s obstacle course. In 2016 three of my friends and I decided we were going to hike Mt. Whitney. This was a 22 mile round trip journey.  I am an avid hiker. I knew I was going to have to increase my workout routine to hike this mountain. A client of mine who is a long time member at HT Fitness would invite me to visit her gym. She suggested I meet Jesica Abraguin who is the owner of HT Fitness. Jesica is an instructor, trainer, and competitor in the fitness world. I met Jesica a week later. I told her all my concerns, thinking she would suggest another option for me. Instead, she said, “I will see you tomorrow morning.” She challenged me and always said “you can do this.” She is tough and can get serious with you. That is because she knows your potential and wants you to succeed. Jesica is kind, compassionate, funny and always there for you. Jesica will also modify your exercise to accommodate your needs. I have learned so much as a member of HT. I have better eating habits, educated myself more on nutrition as well as a consistent commitment to exercise. I feel better and look better because of it. Jesica has an exercise program for men, and women of all ages. Jesica also has exercise programs for teens and children. When my clients come to the Spa for services, I share my experiences and success at HT. I also give them a schedule of classes they can go to at HT Fitness. Give HT a try and you will not regret it!!

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