Natalie Taylor

I was almost 300 lbs (278 to be exact) and at my heaviest, when I met Jesica. That first workout with her was killer and I told myself that I would never go to another one of her classes. Well…I went back to her class that next morning and that is when I realized that I had stumbled upon just what I needed at that time.I remember it like it was yesterday, we had to run laps and I kept stopping. Not because I was tired but because that’s just what I do. Well, on that last lap I could hear Jesica telling me not to stop. I had every intention of stopping when I got out of her view. Right when I started to slow down, Jesica was right next to me…RUNNING!! She ran the rest of the way with me. That was my turning point and that is when I knew that she was the trainer that would change my thought process and help me change my life. I knew at that point that she was in this to genuinely help people.Since working out with Jes, I have dropped 60 lbs, gained sexy muscle, run a few 5k’s, a 10k, completed a 5k obstacle mud run, and registered for my first 1/2 marathon. My next fitness goal is to be a part of her elite training team and compete on stage.I could never say thank you enough to Jesica.

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