My before picture was actually taken the day before I was introduced  to Jesica.  Obesity runs in my family and i was just the last to fall victim.  I weighed 168 pounds and had lost my self-esteem and respect.  I wanted to stop the vicious cycle that plagued my family not only for myself but for my daughter and future grandchildren.  That was September 2014.I’m not  saying it was easy to change my lifestyle but with Jesica’s support, encouragement and dedication to my success, providing me with not only an exercise program but an eating program as well, I now weigh 139 pounds, and at age 55 I ran my first mud run and went wake boarding.  I’m still working with her as I continue my journey to a healthy way of living.  Jesica really cares about the people she is helping and I have never had a trainer give me the personal attention that Jesica provides.I would also like to add that because of my success my daughter who gained weight  due to Thyroid Cancer is now following in my footsteps and is working with Jesica and she is getting results for the first time since her surgery.Jesica, thanks for giving me back my life!Happy thoughts

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