Margarita Sierra

Fitness to me means a state of health and well-being. Being part of HT Fitness has helped me with my daily activities. I am no longer weak I am strong enough to move my house furniture and carry heavy stuff around if necessary. I have been a member of HT Fitness since 20__ but, I’ve known Jesica since 2012. Prior to joining her gym back in 2012 I would take her Zumba and Bootcamp classes at a local gym. I believe in her and in her ways of training. She is always taking care of us by checking our form to avoid any type of injuries. I come to HT Fitness because I know what’s best for me and I truly trust Jesica. I wouldn’t settle for any other gym other than this one. I love the gym and its people. They are all like family to me. You walk through the door and everyone is very welcoming. There is no competition or envy between clients on the contrary everyone is willing to help. Everyone practically gets along! Jesica is my motivation and is truly an inspiration. HT Fitness has helped my journey by improving my muscle strength, boosting my endurance and by helping my cardiovascular system work more effectively. I am in better health now! Thank you HT Fitness.

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