Nadia pillatsch

My HT fitness journey began 3.5 yrs ago when I moved to the AV. Moving to a new place and not knowing anyone, working from home, and falling into the daily routine of unhealthy eating habits and not exercising had me falling into depression. I quickly forced myself to crawl out of my comfort zone and find a place that would help me make some changes. I knew right away when I walked into HT and met Jesica (and her muscles), that she knew her stuff and this was the place to start.  My initial goal was to start with Zumba to atleast get my body moving. Quickly, I learned that just because I had the Latin genes, my hips surely did not, but it is still fun to try!  Luckily, HT has plenty of other fitness options. I started small group training classes and learned so much beyond my usual cardio which was the only exercise I knew for years. I slowly moved to bootcamp, boxing, booty work, and abs/core classes. Not only has this provided me with strength and confidence, but the mental health aspect of it is what has been a complete change of life for me. Fitness to me, is challenging my body and allowing it to show me what I am capable of doing mentally and physically. I couldn’t even do 1 push up on my knees when I first started. At 43, I have more strength and feel healthier than I did in my 20’s and 30’s . This has helped me develop a consistent routine that allows me to live an active healthy lifestyle that has transformed me physically and mentally and to be able to keep up with my two active kids! Jesica has helped me reach my fitness goals by leading by example and challenging us to pick up that heavier weight when we don’t think we can. The HT fam is and has always been welcoming as we are all striving to reach our goals and doing it while having fun!

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