Ann Marie Wilson

I have always enjoyed working out in some way or the other . On the other hand I’ve never committed to getting full results . I have countless before pictures . Needless to say it took me until this year to finally realize one of my fitness goals and dreams I’ve had since I was a young girl . And finally get an after picture. I wanted to be in the best shape possible and get on stage one time in my life before I get too old. I’m 44 and I kept saying next year . Well the opportunity came when my friend Aly was talking about getting on stage . It was then I said it’s now or never . I had heard a lot about her trainer Jesica . So I met with her . I just said I want this and that was it . I starting training . With a set goal in mind I was on a mission. Right off the bat when I came into bootcamp, Jesica was telling everyone I was competing which helped because no turning back everyone was watching. My daughters ,son , family and friends were watching too . All my motivation. Honestly I felt like no one understood believed , I made this decision for myself and I was going to complete it. I had a couple negative things said to me . Even though it was hard not to give in to the no’s and to the doubts . I kept going . The encouragements out weighed the discouragement. With a lot of help from my teammates and our trainer “Jesica ” who went above and beyond to prepare us and motivate us for this journey . I couldn’t be more thankful . She was all about details, details details, safety and always checking in on how we were feeling mentally and physically . Jessica’s workouts although tough, never boring or overdone . I never have not wanted to be back in the gym . Even though I was sore or tired , I just felt so good about going . Which makes all the difference .. Doing this for myself has changed my life forever . I feel more confident and ready for anything . The support that I have received from my family and friends has been overwhelming. Even from most unexpected people . I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you Jesica and HTFitness Family . On to another goal and chapter in my ongoing story.

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