In July of 2012, I made the decision to join a gym and try out the services of a trainer. After three rounds of physical therapy, two epidurals, and many chiropractic services (all of which proved to be temporary solutions); I realized I needed to “Get Fit.” My interpretation of “Get Fit” was much longer winded, but the bottom line was I didn’t like the way I felt nor the temporary solutions that took me back to pain. I was too young to be weak and in pain. I signed up for one training session.By chance alone, the trainer selected for my trial was Jesica Abraguin. After my first hour, I knew I’d found the right trainer to guide me on my fitness journey. Professional, courteous, and informative, Jesica has guided me through every hurdle and setback. Training with weights under her guidance and support has caused my pain to be replaced with a soreness that comes naturally with physical activities.Because of Jesica Abraguin’s training, I have built up the strength and confidence to tackle my first fitness competition. I am grateful for the transformation she has made in my life.

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