September 2021

Amanda Spakes

I’ve always been an active person, involved in different sports and activities. But as life’s challenges come and go I found I had put my health and fitness on the back burner. About a year ago my husband received orders for us to move from my home state of Ohio out to California. Being a […]

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Aly Hazard

I have always been an active person and I love to challenge myself. Very rarely would I think twice about my physical ability or strength. I have joined countless gyms and have had many personal trainers throughout my life. All of which I thought were helping accomplish my next challenge.It wasn’t until Oct 2014 when

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In July of 2012, I made the decision to join a gym and try out the services of a trainer. After three rounds of physical therapy, two epidurals, and many chiropractic services (all of which proved to be temporary solutions); I realized I needed to “Get Fit.” My interpretation of “Get Fit” was much longer

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Ann Marie Wilson

I have always enjoyed working out in some way or the other . On the other hand I’ve never committed to getting full results . I have countless before pictures . Needless to say it took me until this year to finally realize one of my fitness goals and dreams I’ve had since I was

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Mary Chaplin

Physical activity has always been a constant  in my life. I was running the 100 yard dash with the YMCA at nine years old. I have always worked out in some capacity. In 2015, I was doing my own physical exercise and daily routine at Antelope Valley College’s obstacle course. In 2016 three of my

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